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The Wicker Dog Crate Can be an Attractive Piece of Household Furniture

When most people think about buying a dog crate, the first thing that comes to mind are the big ungainly plastic models that are used on to take dogs on airplanes. But, these are not the only kind that can be bought and depending on where the crate will go they are not necessarily the one many people want to buy. If it is going to be used in a personís bedroom or in a living area then perhaps something a little fancier would be more appealing. That is when it is worth considering a wicker dog crate since it will be both useful and attractive in a way the clunky plastic models are not. Many people consider the crate another piece of household furniture.

The potential crate buyer should understand that the crate is not made completely of wicker but is a regular crate with a wicker covering to make it look stylish. The material used is specially treated to ensure that it does not soak up odors and to make sure that it will be easy to clean using nothing more than soap and water. The wicker dog crate opens like any other kind of crate. It would have a front door that closes tightly to make sure the animal stays safely inside. Many of them have a removable pan underneath that is made to be easily cleaned should a puppy be in the middle of being crate trained and have an accident in the crate.

As well the average wicker dog crate is easy to assemble with no need for tools to help put it together. These crates are just as useful for training your puppy as the normal metal only ones. They are just as well made and will last at least as long as the all metal ones. These crates become a secure home for your dog enabling you to offer them a comfortable place to sleep that looks good in your home.

Best Dog Crates 2010-11

Best Dog Crates 2010-11