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What is the Difference Between a Soft Sided Dog Crate and a Soft Dog Crate?

Many people often find it difficult to understand the differences between a soft sided dog crate and a soft dog crate. This is because both inventions are relatively new on the scene, and the majority of people always assume that a dog crate is simply some ugly, plastic box that a dog sleeps in at night. However, there are actually quite a few key differences between the two products.

The most characteristic difference between these two types of dog crates is what each is made from and how each is designed. A soft dog crate is designed to be completely collapsible and features no real solid parts aside from the pieces that are necessary to keep the crate intact when it is open. On the other hand, a soft sided dog crate can be any crate with padded sides or a padded, cushioned floor. This means that a traditional plastic crate can even be known as soft sided if it has the proper padding installed.

Another key difference between the two types of dog crates is what the products are designed for. For example, a soft dog crate is perfect for travel because it collapses to a nearly flat state. This makes it great for people who like to traverse the country with their dog in tow but they donít have enough room in the car for a full sized crate.

This is in contrast to the other type of soft crate. These crates are designed for use at home, because the sides themselves are usually still constructed from plastic like a traditional dog crate. However, because the sides are padded, they are perfect for use if you take your dog on an airplane, allowing your dog to ride comfortable even during a lot of turbulence in his soft sided dog crate.

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