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Buy a Dog Crate Bed for Your Dog’s Comfort

After you have finished using the dog crate to train your puppy you may want to use it as a quiet sleeping spot of your dog. Leave the door open and give them the freedom to come and go but transform it into a comfortable area by buying a dog crate bed to put inside of it. These beds are made of a pad which is covered by a removable, water resistant cover which is machine washable. They come in a variety of sizes to fit the different crate sizes that are available. The pad is around two inches thick and is made from foam or sometimes from a spun poly that contains cedar bits to keep the smell down.

The prices range from twelve to fifty dollars depending on what size the dog crate bed needs to be. For a few dollars more you can purchase disposable pads that will help ensure the crate bed stays dry. This keeps the pad cleaner, dryer and more comfortable for your dog. There are also cloths that can be bought that are made from carbon activated materials to soak up any bad smells from your dog. These pads can be washed and reused several times. They work great because they do not put heavy flowery smelling perfumes to mask any bad smell but actually absorb the odors.

If you are willing to spend a little more to make your dog, especially if they are a senior animal, a little more comfortable there are orthopedic mattress available to make your dog crate bed. Some are even designed with special edging to make it hard for the dog to chew on them. This means that they last longer and help to break your dog of that chewing habit. One other option for your dog’s comfort is a pad that is heated to make those chilly nights a little more comfortable. This is more commonly used for dogs whose crates are in the garage or a cooler place in the house like a basement. It is also good for when a dog has puppies and the weather is cool. Any senior dogs who might have a touch of arthritis or animal that is recovering from a surgical procedure will find the heat a comfort. It is good to know you can find a way to make the crate a more comfortable sleeping place for your dog.

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