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Crate Training Dogs Teaches Them to Keep Their Space Clean

There are some people who believe that crate training dogs is a cruel and unfair way to teach them good household manners but there are at least as many, and likely more, who have used this method and believe that it is the single best way to teach a new puppy how to keep their new home clean and not chew on anything they should stay away from. It is a process that is both time consuming and rewarding. It restricts the new puppy’s access to parts of the house where a mistake could damage an expensive rug or a badly placed chew could destroy a family heirloom. As well, crates are great when your dog is fully trained and wants a place they can call their own to cuddle up in for a nap.

The best type of crate to choose is one of the plastic ones. They are lightweight, easy to keep clean and can be used as a means to transport a dog to the vet if necessary. These crates, sometimes called flight kennels, are available in a variety of sizes to suit your dog. When crate training dogs the crate choose must be big enough for the dog when they reach their adult size. Unless you want to keep upgrading it is better to buy a large one to begin with instead of beginning small and working your way up. Dog crates can be expensive and so one is really all you want to buy.

When beginning the training process be certain to be patient. Find a special place for the crate where the dog will not always be by itself but will be with the family that is now theirs. Put something in the bottom, an old blanket, sheet or a something else that can be comfortable for the dog to sleep on. It’s a good idea to feed your dog near or in the crate. The more that the dog feels the crate is their space the less likely that they will eliminate in the crate. Build up slowly the amount of time your dog can spend in the crate and still be relaxed. As the time increases you will be able to leave the dog in the crate for longer periods and go out. This method of crate training dogs teaches them to keep their area clean which keeps your house clean.

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