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Is a Cheap Dog Crate Any Worse Than An Expensive Dog Crate?

Most of us are always confused about the differences between a cheap product and an expensive one, and so is the case between the cheap dog crate and the expensive dog crate? We ask ourselves whether or not the expensive product is worth it. Is the cheap product not just cost effective, but is it cheaply made as well? And we determine whether or not we want to spend out money on it in the first place.

As far as cheap dog crate options are concerned, cheaper is better. Almost all traditional plastic dog crates are made exactly the same way. Nearly all of them have the same features, come in the same sizes, and the majority of them are probably all made in the same factory in China. Then why is one more expensive than another? Thatís a question that has yet to be determined.

One reason, though, why an expensive dog crate would cost more than a cheap one is because the expensive product is more attractive to us. Perhaps it is modeled in a color that goes with our furniture. Maybe it is designed by some professional designer from Europe. Who knows, but whatever the reason, it is more expensive usually because it looks somewhat better or has slightly thicker plastic.

Really, though, unless you are trying to make some kind of statement in your house with a designer dog crate - why would you spend more than you have to on something that your dog will sleep in? Dogs have survived for millennia sleeping outside, so any dog crate will be luxurious for your pet. Keep that in mind the next time you visit your neighborhood pet store and consider investing hundreds more than you need to in an expensive dog crate when you can find a cheap dog crate online for nearly half the price.

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