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Dog Crates

The dog has a natural and instinctual need to sleep in an area that they will feel safe in. When an adult dog is looking for a place in the wild they will find an area that is safe, secure and protected. The same goes for a female dog before she is ready to have her puppies. This natural need can be filled in your home by giving your pet a dog crate to sleep in. Depending on the age and needs of the animal, you need not even close the door. An adult dog will love having a special place to sleep in that they can go into whenever they feel like having a rest without worrying about what is going on around them. It is a better choice for many dogs than lying under a desk, or beside a piece of furniture that their owner is sitting at. They should be able to have their own space.

Some people think that using a crate to train a puppy is cruel. Yet they forget that by letting the dog get used to a place that is solely theirs and teaching them to keep their dog crate clean is actually also a natural instinct. Dogs keep their sleeping area clean. You are only teaching them to keep your home clean at the same time. This is a benefit to the dog as they quickly learn to eliminate outside inside of in the house. This keeps them clean and you happy.

When teaching your dog that the crate is a good place you need to instill in them that there is no reason not to like the dog crate. Give the puppy a little treat before they are put into the crate. Show them that being there is a good thing. It is okay to feed them in the crate. When you are ready to try them for a few hours while you are busy or a period of time when you want to go out make sure to have let them outside to eliminate first. Praise them outside when they do. Play with them and tire them out a little. Then put them in the dog crate with a favorite toy, on a blanket or something soft and let them spend a short time getting used to being in their den like home.

Most of us are always confused about the differences between a cheap product and an expensive one, and so is the case between the cheap dog crate and the expensive dog crate? We ask ourselves whether or not the expensive product is worth it. Is the cheap product not just cost effective, but is it cheaply made as well? And we determine whether or not we want to spend out money on it in the first place.

As far as cheap dog crate options are concerned, cheaper is better. Almost all traditional plastic dog crates are made exactly the same way. Nearly all of them have the same features, come in the same sizes, and the majority of them are probably all made in the same factory in China. Then why is one more expensive than another? That is  a question that has yet to be determined.

Best Dog Crates 2010-11

Best Dog Crates 2010-11